Lowrys Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade Rules

The following rules are designed to help maintain the safety of everyone involved in the parade, as well as the integrity of the parade itself. Please abide by these rules so that everyone, participants and spectators, at the end-of-the-day will have had a wonderful, safe time in Lowrys.

1) There is no entry fee, but online registration is required for every unit in the parade. The registration # must be displayed on the entry (right side) during the parade. If the entry is a horse club, the entry may be listed under one name, address, and phone number and will only require one parade number for your group. ALL numbers should be picked up at the registration table at the Lowrys School Community Center. (2266 Old York Road) on parade day. If you're part of a large group, please ask whose name was used to pre-register your group before you check-in...it will speed things up! *No in-person registration on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

2) The maximum width an entry can be is 12'.

3) Farm equipment, farm livestock and walking entries are the only entries allowed.

4) No cars, trucks, jeeps, golf carts, UTVs, ATVs, lawn mowers or construction equipment are allowed.

5) No vendors will be permitted in 2020.

6) Portable toilets will be available. The Lowrys Community Center restrooms will be closed.

7) Please decorate floats and tractors with a Christmas theme. (avoid political themes)

8) Small pieces of candy may be tossed to spectators; larger items (milk, fruit, etc.) should be 

handed out individually. 


A special thanks to photographers Steve Bishop and Bill Marion for donating their beautiful photographs to create our website!